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Created by Business Analysts for Business Analysts

Following could be the reasons that bought you to this site

  • You are someone just trying to understand what Business Analysis is all about.
  • You are a software developer and attracted by the new analyst position within your Organisation.
  • You as a Manager or Team Leader within a Organisation want to know what the Business Analyst you planning to recruit should do.
  • You are a newbie, associate or seasoned BA was to know learn more about your profession.
  • You are a Systems analyst, Data analyst, commercial analyst, billing analyst or any other analyst and you wonder if your skills fits into the Business Analysis array of skills.

This site makes an attempt to answer all these and more questions with a plethora of information on various topics with variety of examples from experienced professionals. Thus, reducing the learning curve of those who want to make a career as a Business Analyst.

You can find

  • Topics of Interest to help support your day to day analysis activities.
  • E Resources to deep dive into various subjects that enhance your knowledge as a Business Analyst.

If you are new to this field and are interested in learning more then see Introduction to a BA.










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