Business Analysis is one of the 30 most desired IT skill in the UK and the demand is growing each year worldwide. source:
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Why are certifications important?
Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are everything. Sure, you know you've got the skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential customers and employers?  For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer.
University degree gives you general knowledge, certifications give you specialised/job oriented knowledge.
Even if you are a learned practising professional preparing for a certification help verify your skills and achieving a certification helps validate your skills.

Is certification right for you?
Consider the following questions:
Do you work frequently with the public, or among other professionals?
You do not wish to switch employer or your employer has its own standard of working and does not follow recognised industry standards?
Is there a lot of competition in your field of work (e.g., do you need to stand out from the crowd)?
Are you considering switching jobs and want to make the best impression possible?
Are you the kind of person who likes to be the best at what you do?

If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, then perhaps certification is right for you. Many professionals frequently choose to become certified.

About Business Analysis Certifications:

BCS offer ISEB Business analysis certificates and Diploma -
IIBA offer CBAP Business analysis certificate -
QAI offer CABA and CSBA certificates -


BCS and QAI certifications will give you all the knowledge required and equip you with all the tools and techniques required to perform business analysis activities effectively.

CBAP certification will certify you as a seasoned practitioner of Business Analysis profession and enable you to perform senior level activities.

These certification bodies don't provide courses or exams themselves but accredit external providers for the same. You can find more details on respective websites.
These are also professional level qualifications. No doubt you need to prepare thoroughly for these certifications. Each attempt costs money and you do not want to waste it by not giving it your best shot.

How to select study options for certification?
Self study is for you if:
You are highly experienced professional (4-5 yrs BA or related experience) and have read a few books already during your course of practice you only need to verify you have knowledge about each topic mentioned in the certification syllabus.
You only need to brushup/review each topics to ensure you are uptodate.
Also ensure you take atleast one practice exam before you attempt the real one.

Instructor led/Fast paced course is for you if:
You think you have potential job offers/opportunities (internal or external) and only need to very quickly add this extra star to your already shinning resume.
Your Organisation is ready to fund you to take a course.
You are seeking networking opportunities and can build Lasting contacts in a matter for few days.
You just cant study on your own and need 'Spoon Feeding'/'Hand Holding'. And you are happy to spend a small fortune for that.

Self paced/web based/Elearning course is for you if:
You are a newbie who know little about the best books to read, best courses to attend and need ready study material with some support.
You are a seasoned profesional and only want to brush up your knowlege with ready reference material.
You like being in control of all your activities and monitor your own progress.
You can make friends virtually and build lasting professional contacts in due course.
You like the best of both worlds (Self Study and Instructor led)
You like your own study area/room with lots of information and without the hazzle of cleaning/maintaining it.

Our aim is to help you prepare for these certifications without wasting your time, energy and money on classroom based, instructor led courses.
Arguably classroom based courses are the fastest way to get certified, because you are crammed with information in a single day or two and sit for exam at the end. What after that, have you really learn't anything, can you apply it in practice.

We help you learn things step by step and practice as you learn and then get certified with confidence. We also provide an opportunity to make contact with fellow professionals through our e-learning environment.
The course material we provide is prepared by practitioners and is reviewed and revised each time there is a change to the exam guidelines/syllabus. Don't you want hear it from the horses mouth and at a cost that is almost near to nothing.

All we want to say is improve and add value to the Business Analysis profession. Keep exploring thats your job.

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