Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis E-learning Course

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Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis E-learning Course


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"Tutor(practitioner BAs) support "
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**note interactive training guide do not include voice narration they only are textual tutorials with quizzes, scenarios.


"PDF study guide. (Covers latest syllabus)"

Incorporates effective presentation and instruction techniques to help you grasp the subject quickly and effectively.

Entire subject is divided into modules to help understand better. Concepts are explained using scenarios, examples, pictures, graphics etc.

Aimed to give you maximum practice in minimum time and at least cost!!

Study at your own pace, own time, anywhere. Retain what you learn!!


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What modules are covered in this subject?

The modules are flash based presentations that cover brief explanations, scenarios, examples, quizzes. after going through these modules you will learn how to:

a. Give an overview of the BA discipline

b. Understand the Business problem

c. Develop a solution for the problem

d. Enrich the solution with IT

e. Manage information as a resource.

f. Understand and manage change.

What topics are covered?

The study guide aims to cover all topics required to prepare for a certification exam, the topics are structured in a question/ans format to help understand better.

Complete list of topics

1. Objective
2. Scope
3. Introduction
4. Role of a Business Analyst in IT industry
Why does IT industry need a business analyst?
When does IT industry need a business analyst?
What do Businesses and IT industry expect from a business analyst?
What is the scope of business analysis activities?
What skills and knowledge should a business analyst possess?
What is the difference between a generalist and a specialist BA?
5. The competencies of a business analyst
What Business knowledge must a Business Analyst possess?
What Systems/IT knowledge must a Business Analyst possess?
What investigation or analysis techniques must a Business Analyst master?
What areas of an Organisation need a Business Analyst?
6. Strategic analysis
What is an Organisation Strategy?
How are Organisation Strategies formed?
What is PESTLE Framework?
What is Porter’s 5 forces model?
What is SWOT Analysis?
What is MOST Analysis?
7. Implementing strategy
What is Mckinsey 7-S Framework?
What are other strategy implementation activities?
8. The business analysis process model?
What are the steps for Problem-finding and solving?
What is a Business Analysis Process Model?
What are the key Investigation techniques?
9. Investigation techniques
What is an Interview process?
Why are Workshops important and what is the process?
What are the key observation techniques?
What is Scenario Analysis?
What is Prototyping?
What are quantitative approaches?
10. Stakeholder analysis and management
What is Stakeholder Management?
What are the various Stakeholder categories?
How do you analyse stakeholders?
What are Stakeholder Management Strategies?
How do you manage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle?
11. Modelling the business system
What is Business systems modelling?
What is Soft Systems Methodology?
What are the techniques used to document investigated business situations?
What are the techniques to gather Business perspectives?
What is Business Activity Modelling?
What are the dependencies between Business activities/functions?
What is the modelling notation for Business Activity Model?
How do you achieve a consensus model?
What are Business events and rules?
What are critical success factors and key performance indicators?
How do you validate a business activity model?
How does Business activity model help in gap analysis?
12. Business process modelling
What is Business Process Modelling?
Why is Business Process Modelling Important?
What is the role of IT within business process modelling?
What are the different Business process modelling techniques?
How do you build an overview model that summarizes the business process model?
What is end to end process modelling?
What is detailed process analysis?
Why is the need to change or improve business processes?
What are the typical problems in current/as-is processes?
What steps are involved in improving a business processes?
How do you select the most suitable processes for improvement?
What are advanced process modelling concepts?
13. Requirements Engineering
What are some of the known issues with software requirements?
At what point in the system development lifecycle the requirements are gathered?
What is the requirements’ engineering or development process?
What are the key stakeholder categories to consider?
What is requirements elicitation?
What is a requirements list?
What is requirement analysis, how is it carried out?
How are requirements documented?
How are the documented requirements validated?
How to manage requirements throughout the project life cycle?
14. Modelling the IT System
What is modelling an IT system?
What are the techniques used to model system functions?
What are the components of a Use Case Diagram?
Why is modelling system data useful?
What are the techniques used to model system data?
15. Managing the Information Resource
What are the effects of poor management of data?
How does data support the systems development lifecycle?
How do you justify business value in managing and maintaining data?
How is data maintained within an Organisation?
How is data classified?
How does data support business activities?
Explain the need of business intelligence and its relation to data?
What is data administration?
What are the key standards used to define data?
What is data ownership?
What is a data dictionary?
What is data migration?
What is change control and configuration of data?
What is data architecture?
Why is it important to understand and keep informed about the technology used to capture, store and search data?
What are other non-functional data requirements?
16. Making a Business and Financial case
What are the steps in preparing an initial business case?
How are business and technical options identified?
What are the methods to access project feasibility?
How the business case be structured?
How is investment appraised?
How do you present a business case?
How are business benefits realized?
17. Managing Business Change
What are the effects of introducing a new system?
How is the reaction to a change through out its implementation within the Organisation?
What is the logical level model of human development?
Why must change be managed?
What is the change management process?

Will I pass my certification exam using this course material?

Well the main aim to help you understand the subject matter thoroughly so that you can start practicing it confidently. If you aim to understand the subject well and prepare meticulously you will definately pass with flying colors.

How do I know the material is any good?

You are invited to try a free assessment (match the following questions here opens in internet explorer - If you are able to answer all the questions right then you know the subject very well, all you need is to take some practice exams and sit for the real exam.

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