The chart below depicits the requirements engineering phase for a plan driven or change driven project and respective deliverables, templates, checklsit.

  Key Areas to Address Relevant deliverables and references
Sr.No Requirements Phase Sub phase/activity Templates/Docs Process documents
1 General Scope and defination of BA Role within Organisation or team In Scope/Out of Scope document None
2 Requirements Engineering Requirements Engineering Process
(Plan driven and Change Driven projects)
Checklists RE Process
3 Stakeholder Management Stakeholder Analysis and Selection Stakeholder list/Matrix None
4 Requirements gathering Techniques Interviews Interview Agenda
Interview preparation
Interview Questions
Interview feedback/review
5 Requirements gathering Techniques Workshops Workshop Agenda
Workshop preparation
Workshop feedback/review
6 Requirements gathering Techniques Other techniques (Document reading, data analysis, system analysis, gap analysis, process analysis, Prototyping, Observation) None None
7 Requirements Documentation Techniques Requirements analysis and documentation (Business) Requirements statements verification checklist
Business Requirements Document
Powerpoint Presentation
8 Solution selection Solution selection and assessment (Process or System) Process Models (Cross functional diagrams)
System Architecture Diagrams
9 Requirements Documentation Techniques Requirements documentation (Process) Cross functional diagram
Process Requirements Document
10 Requirements Documentation Techniques Requirements documentation (System) System requirements document None
11 Requirements gathering Techniques Requirements review & Sign off  (Self review, Peer review, Group review, Stakeholder review) Review templates Review & sign off
12 Requirements Management Verification and Validation against Solution, Process design, documents etc None None
13 Requirements Management Business benefits management Measurement Metrics None
14 Requirements Management Requirements tracebility, Change Management RTM None