What are the characteristics of valuable information?

Information enables effective decision making and thus must possess the following characteristics in order to be valuable to managers, decision makers, Some characteristics and their definitions are given below:

Complete - Information should be complete and precise. As we say too much or too little of anything is bad same applies to information.

Simple - Information should be precise and straightforward. One should not experience information overhead.

Timely - Should be available at the right time, right place to the right person.

Verifiable - One should be able to check that the information available is correct.

Secure - Confidential information should be secured from unauthorized access.

Accurate - Should be error, jargon free.

Accessible - Should be easily accessible without too much wind up or losing ones way finding information.

Flexible - One information source must have multiple relevant uses.

Reliable - One should be in a position to rely on information available.

If information is relied upon and results into decisions that cost time and resources and if information turns out to be unreliable will result into heavy losses.